Juventus Widely Top Serie A in Jersey Sponsorships

Coming off the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic landscape in the Italian league is quickly improving. Serie A has registered a record in terms of investments in jersey sponsorships. The 200M threshold has been smashed for the first time, and a kit is worth €10,65M on average, Calciomercato reports.

More precisely, the tally is €213M. It has spiked by €40M in the span of two seasons. It amounted to €170M in 2020/2021. The number of brands present on the kits has grown from 45 to 62 in such period.

As it has been the case for a long time, Juventus lead the Serie A chart for richest jersey sponsorships. Considering the deals with Adidas and Jeep, the Bianconeri are earning €109,5M. They blow the competition out of the water since their rivals bring in less than €30M annually. Inter are making €28.5M this season, Fiorentina €25M, Milan €21.5M and Sassuolo €18M. The Old Lady, the Viola and the Neroverdi benefit from partnerships with labels that are somewhat tied to their respective owners.

Despite the improvements, there is still a big disproportion in the Peninsula as the top 4 earners combine for 60 percent of the pie. On the other hand, no Italian team started the season without a main sponsor, while five did last year. Most of the sides don at least three brands on their kits, while Sassuolo, Fiorentina, Roma, Lazio, and Inter have more exclusive agreements.

All Serie A clubs make at least €1M thanks to jersey sponsorships. Among the primary ones, 11 are digital or fintech companies, while the rest mostly come from the food or automotive industries.

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