Lecce vs Udinese 0-2: Zebrette Take Huge Steps Towards Salvation

Udinese beat Lecce 2-0 at the Via del Mare Stadium on Monday as Fabio Cannavaro caught his first victory in Serie A as a coach. It was a massively important win for the Friulani, who were the only team involved in the relegation dogfight to record a win in Serie A Round 36. 

Goals from Lorenzo Lucca and Lazar Samardzic were enough for Udinese to make a full score against a Lecce side that had nothing more to ask to their season, having already secured permanence in the top-flight for the next season. 

Thanks to today’s win, Udinese reached 33 points in the table with two games to go. They overtook Frosinone and Empoli, who now sit third-to-last at 32 and will be their next two opponents. Udinese will face Empoli at the Blueenergy Arena next Sunday, then the Canarini at the Benito Stirpe Stadium the following week. 

A win over Empoli would result in Udinese reaching salvation one week in advance – a task that seemed highly improbable only a few weeks ago before Fabio Cannavaro took over the reins.