Locatelli: “Juventus Is a Great Club, I Am Pleased About Their Interest”

Manuel Locatelli openly addressed the possible move to Juventus for the first time yesterday. He touched on it during the Euro celebration in Rome. Despite the rumors, the two clubs met just once, without going into details, during the tournament to avoid distractions.

Locatelli spoke to Sky: “I have not really thought about the transfer market yet, I was playing with Italy, and I had to give my best during the competition. I owed it to the fans. We will see what happens now. Juventus is a great club, I am pleased about their interest; I always said that. But right now, we are here for the national team.”

“I am very emotional, I break down easily, and I am happy to be this way. After missing the PK against Spain, I felt like the world was crumbling. Giorgio Chiellini kept saying to stay serene because we would win, and he did the same yesterday. Apparently, he was correct. I would have taken one during the final shoot-out as well; luckily, others took care of it.”

Juventus and Sassuolo will likely have another summit in the next few days. The clubs agree on the price tag, but not on the formula of the transfer or the evaluation of the youngsters that may be part of the deal. However, given the good relationship between the clubs, it may not be too difficult to come to terms, Calciomercato.com reports. Arsenal are after Locatelli as well, but he would rather play in the Champions League next season. As an alternative, they are tracking Wolverhampton’s Ruben Neves, Gianluca Di Marzio informed.