Lotito Belittles Lazio Fans Protest Over Ticket Prices

Stadio Olimpico will not be packed for the upcoming Lazio-Milan, as some supporters will protest against the fact that Claudio Lotito raised the ticket prices for the occasion. The president did not give much credit to the initiative: “It is nothing unusual, as we do it in four top matches every season. We are one of the cheapest sides in that sense. Everybody can do what they want. Most of them would not have come anyway. Or they would have done it just to sing chants against me.” 

The Biancocelesti president besmirched Roma’s success in fan engagement taking to Il Messaggero: “They get everything back through advertisement. We did not have season-long tickets this year because there were uncertainties about capacity due to the COVID-19 restrictions. There were some deals for the matches versus Venezia, Sassuolo and Torino. We do not break even with 20 or 25k spectators on the stands.”

“Every fixture cost me €300k considering the fee for the stadium, the stewards, the concession stands, and everything else. Therefore, the club does not cash in anything on game days. The money goes directly into an account at the income revenue authority to pay the debts. The government calls me directly if something is missing, and I have to personally make up for it.”

Lotito is confident Maurizio Sarri will stay at Lazio despite the conflicting reports and the tension with management: “Give it time, and everything will get sorted. As I already said, he will continue to be our coach.”