Luis Alberto Details Differences between Sarri and Inzaghi

Luis Alberto described the changes since Maurizio Sarri took over Lazio from Simone Inzaghi. “The previous coach was a friend, almost a father to us. Instead, the current one has a different and stronger personality. He uses beautiful playing style, and we saw that at Napoli and Empoli.”

The midfielder gave an interview to Rivista Undici: “I think Lazio will have loads of fun in two or three months. I do not know if we will win anything, but we will be entertaining. And it will be very complicated for the opponents to face us. Our quality is similar to Sarri’s Napoli and even superior in some aspects.”

Luis Alberto indicated the goal for the season: “We aim to finish in the top four. We must collect as many points as possible. However, we are aware the team is still a work in progress. We still have to fully understand what the coach wants. We will be able to do great things once we complete that step.”

The Spaniard went into details on the demands of the coach: “We start the action 60 or 70 meters away from the goal. However, if we beat the first line of pressure, we have a clear lane to the box. I can take care of the task of bringing the ball up, while Sergej Milinkovic-Savic can play in a more advanced position to exploit his physicality.” Luis Alberto has had a slow start of the season, showing well only in the Spezia romp.