Mancini Upbeat on Italy Chances in Euro 2024 Qualifying

Italy won’t have an easy path to the Euro 2024, as they have been pitted against England, one of the most challenging teams out of the second-tier pool. In addition, they will face Ukraine, Malta, and North Macedonia, which famously stunned them in the semifinal of the World Cup playoff.

The top two sides in each of the ten groups will qualify for the competition. The three remaining participants will result from three head-to-head matches that will hinge on the Nations League standings.

Roberto Mancini commented on the draw to Sky.

“I was certain we would be paired up with either England or France, but it’s fine. It’s five-team group that I consider feasible. There won’t be easy tilts. The best one will surely be the one versus the Three Lions. We and Gareth Southgate know each other. It would work for us if we kept faring as well as we have done recently against them. I don’t know if he would agree with that. It has become a classic bout at this point.”

The Italy boss isn’t concerned with having to deal with North Macedonia again to make it to Euro 2024.

“That was a fluky game that happens every once in a while. Every contest is unique and can’t be taken lightly, even those that look simple on paper. The fixtures versus Ukraine will be particular and emotional given the circumstances. They have a nice squad. We can cancel the disappointment for not qualifying for the World Cup only by winning the next one.”

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