Milan a Long Way to Go from Solving Chaos on Leao Deal

Milan met with part of the Rafael Leao camp Tuesday, but the summit was inconclusive at best. The renewal is far from imminent, even though director Paolo Maldini had displayed confidence on such front in his most recent remarks.

As per La Gazzetta dello Sport, French lawyer Ted Dimvula visited the team’s HQ to affirm that the club has to negotiate with him and not with super-agent Jorge Mendes. The two aren’t at loggerheads, and that is a further hurdle for the Rossoneri.

The father of Leao, Antonio, attended the recent Gran Galà del Calcio, where the Portuguese star was named the MVP of the past season, but he wasn’t present at Casa Milan Tuesday. He would prefer his son to switch to Mendes since he has better ties with Sporting CP and could help settle the fine. A legal battle between the two representatives is brewing.

As things stand, Dimvula holds the power of attorney until February 2024. The club has no alternatives to going through him since the contract of the star expires a few months later. Rather than discussing wages and the length of the new deal, the Rossoneri are trying to untangle all the ulterior problems of an extension that is getting increasingly complicated.

Our Take on Milan and Leao

The recent words of Maldini looked a bit optimistic, not to say reckless. It’s pretty clear that one or two months won’t be enough to settle everything. Between the previous sanction against the ace and the squabble between agents, this is the most bizarre negotiation in recent years. And the Scudetto winners can’t just hand out money to appease every party, as foreign powerhouses would.

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