Milan CEO Gazidis “Loves” Pioli, Lauds Maldini and Ibrahimovic

Milan CEO gave his first interview in Italian yesterday night to Sky Sport, commenting on several topics related to the club and showering director Paolo Maldini, coach Stefano Pioli and Zlatan Ibrahimovic with praise for what they have been able to accomplish thus far.

“Pioli is highly intelligent, he understands that we are always under pressure and he focuses on doing the work. He never cared about the rumors. He proved to have the right skills to manage such a big side, that is what made me fall in love with him. He surprised me when we were considering hiring Ralf Rangnick, both on a personal level and on the pitch. We have to make decisions based on merit here and he made us take the next step, along with other contributors.”

“Maldini represents Milan, he is history. I see something special in him, he has strong values, he is modern and willing to learn. He cares a lot about the team. I hope he can stay long-term and I do not see a ceiling for him. Ibrahimovic instead is always the exception to every rule. He is special. This is the biggest and more romantic challenge of his career: He can certainly continue with us.”

On the plans of the Elliot fund that owns the team: “They have a clear vision, they want a winning, modern, global and progressive club that plays in a new stadium, which should be the most beautiful in the word, and represents this city in Italy and all over the world. There is no expiration date to their project. We have not won anything yet, but we are on the right track. I dream, like the fans. I want to be part of the return of Milan to the top level.”