Milan Owner Eager to Emulate Glory of His Predecessors

Gerry Cardinale wishes to replicate the successes of the Silvio Berlusconi era at the helm of Milan and offered a peek behind the curtain at the club to Corriere della Sera.

“Before buying the Rossoneri, we studied 200 European teams in 5 years. We had already defined everything before the Scudetto, but we decided not to make it public to avoid distractions. Historically, this has been one of the top four of five sides. We’re here thanks to what our predecessors did.”

“I’ve great respect for Berlusconi. He was a visionary, and the results speak for him. He brought Milan to the pinnacle. Then, it was tough to keep up because the world changed. It was a great lesson, as you can’t sit on your laurels.”

Cardinale dished on his first year at Milan.

“I haven’t done anything yet. I entered quietly and kept the structure I inherited. Paolo Scaroni has done a great job, and I thank him. He’s coherent with my world and a true and respected fan.”

“The best move I made was to hire CEO Giorgio Furlani and CFO Stefano Cocirio, who left Elliott without any drama. That gave me time to evaluate what was working or not. This is the first season where I put my imprint on the transfer market and the stadium and tried to apply our ideas to valorize the brand.”

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