Oaktree Expected to Keep Ahold of Inter for a Few Years

Two apical Oaktree managers, Katherine Ralph and Alejandro Cano, paid Inter a visit on Wednesday after the fund announced it had assumed control of 99.6% of the club’s shares. Among its guidelines, it says to be a “patient investor,” which will also be its MO in football, Corriere dello Sport informed (via OneFootball).

Even though it didn’t acquire the team through a standard procedure but because Steven Zhang failed to settle his €375M debt, its strategy is clear. Despite some rumors leading up to the deadline, it is expected to stay at the helm for the medium/long term rather than try to sell the team quickly.

Oaktree will look to increase the value of Inter and bring financial stability and continuity. Its idea could have an immediate impact on the transfer market. It might prefer signing young players who could become ‘plusvalenze’ in a few years. Instead, the Nerazzurri have often opted for veterans and Bosman additions, also because they didn’t have much of a budget.

In any case, the current manager will have substantial freedom in the technical choices. According to Sky, the new board and president will be named in about 20 days. The former president has yet to speak publicly and simply saluted some players on social media.

Our Take on Inter and Oaktree

It’ll probably take a while for the plans to be clear, but there’s a chance things will improve slightly as the strict mandates came from really above under the Chinese ownership.

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