On This Day – November 7, 1982: Milan Incredibly Lose to Cavese

Which is that one team that Milan has never managed to beat in the course of their glorious history? Some international football powerhouse perhaps?

The answer, quite incredibly, is…Cavese!

Cavese are a tiny club from the town of Cava de’ Tirreni, near Salerno, that lived a short period of glory between 1981 and 1984 as they spent three seasons in Serie B. Their path once crossed that of Milan as the Rossoneri had disgracefully plummeted to the second division ahead of the 1982/83 season.

Milan had had a first run in Serie B in the 1980/81 campaign as they were relegated for their involvement in a match-fixing scandal known as the Totonero. But even though their comeback to Serie A was immediate, lack of funds and a baffling inability to find the back of the net resulted in another demotion the following season, this time on the pitch.

The Rossoneri‘s permanence in Serie B was once again short. As expected, they dominated the championship. However, on November 7, 1982, something that would forever remain in their hall of shame happened.

Milan welcomed Cavese at the San Siro, a stadium the could fit in more people than the whole population of Cava de’ Tirreni. They took an early lead with Scottish striker Joe Jordan but, in the second half, succumbed to an incredible comeback from the Campanian side wrapped by goals from Costante Tivelli and Bartolomeo Di Michele.

The Rossoneri would have at least hoped to get their revenge in the reverse fixture, but Cavese fought nail and tooth at home and held Milan to a 2-2 draw.

Since the two sides have not had any chance to face each other again, Cavese can then boast to hold a winning record against the much-more famous Rossoneri.

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