Player Analysis: André Anguissa, the Napoli Midfield Dynamo

After missing out on the Champions League spot last season, Napoli have got off to a superb start in the 2021/22 Serie A campaign, winning six successive games and sitting top of the table with 18 points.

The Azzurri did not go crazy in the summer transfer market, signing just one player for whom they paid a transfer fee – Matteo Politano. The other addition acquired by Luciano Spalletti was Andre Zambo Anguissa, the 25-year-old Cameroonian central midfielder who arrived on loan from Fulham.

Anguissa was brought in to replace the departed Tiémoué Bakayoko who joined Milan on loan. Napoli have an option to buy the former Fulham midfielder for €15 million once the loan period expires.

In this analysis, we take a closer look at Napoli’s latest signing and discuss his strengths and weaknesses.

André Zambo Anguissa Player Overview

Born on November 16, 1995 in Yaoundé, Cameroon, Anguissa began his senior career in 2015 at Marseille, where he spent three full seasons and made 106 appearances in all competitions.

The Cameroonian midfielder moved to Fulham in the summer of 2018, one of the many new signings made by the London club following their promotion to the Premier League. However, he only lasted one season in England as Fulham were relegated and Anguissa was subsequently loaned out to Villarreal.

The latest Napoli signing returned to Fulham for the 2020/21 season following the club’s return to the Premier League from the Championship, where he became a first-choice player in midfield.

Graphical representation of Anguissa’s transfer value over the years (Photo:

André Zambo Anguissa Player Profile

André Zambo Anguissa is a 25-year-old Cameroonian central/defensive midfielder who has joined Serie A club Napoli. Standing at 184cm tall and weighing in at 78kg, the Napoli’s latest addition has made 4 Serie A appearances so far this season, mostly playing on the right side in central midfield as part of the three.

Anguissa’s 2021/22 Serie A season heat map (Photo:

Anguissa is an energetic midfielder who some call a pressing machine. With his physique, he is able to perform his defensive duties with greater ease. Apart from his defensive skills, Anguissa is also good on the ball as he has the ability to keep it by using his outstanding dribbling skills and height to shield it. He is also capable of carrying the ball for certain distances.

Anguissa’s role in Spalletti’s team is that of a box-to-box midfielder. He is allowed to move forward and participate in the attacks, be it counter-attacks or attacks with a solid build-up, while he is also responsible for the defense, especially on the right side of the pitch.

Ball retention and ball progression are the 25-year-old’s main strengths on the ball. Anguissa combines his quick feet, dribbling skills and physicality that allow him to keep the ball in tight spaces or get out of them. Coupled with his athleticism, this gives him the ability to move the ball and get past opposing players.

In build up play, Anguissa is able to win the ball as he knows how to hold it and beat his opponent when under pressure. In high tensed games, he is able to help his team take the pressure off as he is able to keep the ball under pressure. In progressive play, he can be used as a route, as he can carry the ball for long distances and sometimes influence play in the final third.

In fixed formation attacks, he can be positioned between the lines due to his technical ability, as he can get the ball in his feet in a rather comfortable way. On top of that, Anguissa’s agility gives him a good turn radius, which makes it easy for him to receive the ball from half-distance.

As an energetic central midfielder, Anguissa is able to be utilized defensively. He has the ability to recover possession from all kinds of pressures. Anguissa averages a 5.00 successful pressing recoveries per 90 minutes, which equates to 29.9% of all pressures applied. Apart from this Anguissa is also able to win duels, make tackles due to his physique, and ultimately position himself in order to block passing lanes and space.

Anguissa is capable of blocking the spaces around the inside channels and plays a pass to the player between the lines who stands in the half-space. When Anguissa protects the wide spaces and half-spaces, he likes to close down the players who position themselves on the touchline. This makes it easier for him to stop an attack or win back possession as the ball carrier has limited vision, space, time and decision making.

Although Anguissa is an extremely skillful midfielder when he is on the ball, the Cameroonian international is not flawless. He tends to take heavy touches from time to time, making him prone to losing the ball. Although he can recover the ball with his long legs, this can often result in him losing possession, which can also lead to dangerous transitions from the opposing team.

Another reason for losing the ball is the decisions he makes when trying to hold the ball or when carrying it. Anguissa tends to do too much by dribbling too much instead of making a simple pass or trying to make that extra yard when taking the ball when a simple combination play would be a better option.


To summarize, Anguissa has shown tendency to play aggressively out of possession, roaming to pressure and harass opposition players. He often lays off to attackers in the final third rather than going for goal or making key passes. The tactical maturity Anguissa shows in his decision making and positioning is extremely impressive too.