PSG and Basaksehir Abandon UCL Match After Racist Insult

Paris Saint Germain and Basaksehir abandoned their Champions League match at the Parc des Princes tonight after the Turkish side’s assistant coach was allegedly targeted with a racist insult by the 4th match official.

On 13 minutes, former Cameroon international Pierre Webo, now the second-in-command of Basaksehir, reported to have been addressed with a racist insult by match official Sebastian Coltescu. His version was confirmed by player Demba Ba, who was sent off by the referee as he was furiously protesting.

The whole Basaksehir side joined the protest as video footage showed a furious Webo repeatedly asking Coltescu why he called him a n****. Coltescu reportedly used the world negru (“black” in his native Romanian) to indicate Webo to the referee – his countryman Ovidiu Hategan.

Demba Ba was seen challenging Coltescu as of why he referred to Webo as “this black guy” and didn’t do the same when referring to white people, calling them “this guy” only.

Basaksehir players eventually refused to resume play and were joined by their PSG counterparts, with Kylian Mbappé and Neymar seeming to take a strong stand in support of the opponents.

Both sides eventually walked away, and the match was called off.