Roma and Napoli Set Deadlines to Finalize Two Signings

Roma and Napoli are trying to clear the hurdles in the Duvan Zapata and Gabri Veiga deals and don’t want the two sagas to last for too long. The Partenopei had reportedly come to terms with Celta Vigo, but then things changed.

According to Gianluca Di Marzio, the Giallorossi will keep negotiating with Atalanta for a couple more days. If they can’t concur on the terms in short order, they’ll pivot toward different targets. The two clubs are stuck on the formula and the numbers.

Napoli will not wait much longer than Roma for Zapata to learn the faith of the Veiga operation. Per Alfredo Pedullà, the transfer will either go through or collapse within the next 48 hours. Celta Vigo argue that the Azzurri changed the terms while putting together the paperwork, while the counterparty disagrees.

The Partenopei had even booked the flight for him on Sunday night. According to Il Mattino, the sticking points are the resale clause, the commissions, a Champions League-related add-on, and the signing bonus. There’s moderate optimism that everything will be sorted.

Our Take on Roma, Zapata, Napoli, and Veiga

It’s a more pressing need for the Giallorossi, but Andrea Belotti roaring back gives them some leeway. Considering the size of the deal with Celta Vigo, it’d be odd if it fell apart over minor details.

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