Serie A Quickly Votes Down Suggestion to Cut Down Teams

The proposal to go back to an 18-team format died in its infancy, as the Serie A assembly decisively sided against it in Monday’s meeting. Only Roma joined Inter, Juventus, and Milan that first came up with the idea. Their apical representatives even met with FIGC president Gabriele Gravina last week. The foursome couldn’t persuade Aurelio De Laurentiis and Claudio Lotito, who always have a lot of sway in these matters, to jump on the project, Calcio e Finanza informs.

The body issued a statement.

“The Serie A approved today the document containing its proposal to reform Italian football. During the assembly, the absolute necessity to maintain the right of agreement in the federal bylaws has been reiterated. Moreover, the current 20-team format has been confirmed.”

Torino president Urbano Cairo commented on the turn of events (via OneFootball).

“Juventus, Milan, and Inter had the wrong attitude. The mutual respect lapsed in the case. It looked like a mini-Super League. The assembly voted with a large majority. The most important championships, the Premier League and La Liga, have 20 teams. This format works.”

“Their meeting with the FIGC wasn’t well received by the rest of Serie A, because we have to be compact. Their timing was wrong. There’s no divide within the League: they made a mistake, like the rest of the teams clearly stated. Nobody asked Giuseppe Marotta to resign from the federal council, but those in such a position should represent the interests of every team and and not just their own.”

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