Szczesny Has Reassuring Remarks Following Health Scare

Wojciech Szczesny bowed out near the end of the first half of the first leg against Sporting CP clutching his chest and in visible distress. It was later revealed that he suffered from heart palpitations and shortness of breath. He had an ECG quickly after subbing off, which ruled out severe problems, Goal informs.

The goalie was in a much better mood after the game. He discussed the contest and what happened to DAZN and Sky, even cracking some jokes.

“I was a little anxious, but we did some check-ups, and everything is fine. The truth is that I saw that Mattia Perin practiced very well, I got tired, and he pulled off a great double save at the 90th minute. Kudos to him, although the opponents hit him in reality. He’s a golden guy, as he works hard and never complains. I’m happy for him. He’s the capable one in the pair, while I’m the good-looking one. Too bad Carlo Pinsoglio didn’t get a chance to play too; otherwise, he would have done well too. We have a nice group of goalkeepers.”

Szczesny dished on his malaise.

“It had never occurred to me. I even had trouble breathing. It was a mix of anxiety and scare. I’m feeling much better now.”

The shot-stopper will undergo further tests Friday. It’s unclear whether he will have to miss some time while he does so. Juventus will return on the pitch Sunday as they will take on Sassuolo on the road. Even in normal situations, Perin has occasionally relieved the starter when the schedule was very thick.

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