Milan vs Fiorentina Throwback: Batistuta’s Shout “Te Amo, Irina!”

By the mid-1990s Fiorentina fans and, more in general, all calcio followers had learned to know Gabriel Omar Batistuta. The Argentine was the perfect prototype of a modern football striker. And still, there was one side of Batistuta, perhaps the most unexpected, that the mainstream public had not experienced yet: The Romantic one. 

Serie A Heroes: “Batigol” Batistuta, Firenze’s Legendary Marksman

Gabriel Omar Batistuta graced Italian football from 1991 to 2003, becoming a Fiorentina legend and winning a Scudetto with Roma. Tactically gifted, industriously astute and strikingly prolific, Batistuta was a force to be reckoned with when in full flow. A once-in-a-lifetime player who relentlessly terrorized defenses without a second thought. He also remained Argentina's top-scorer until Lionel Messi took over the record.

The All-Time Top 11 Argentinian Players In Serie A

Players from Argentina have been a long-standing presence in Serie A since the league opened its frontiers to foreign players. With so many names to choose from and a couple of spots filled with no explanation needed (did anybody say Maradona?), we are sure our all-time Albiceleste selection in Italian sauce will spark some healthy debate.