Two Juventus Players Caught Quarreling after Milan Equalizer

Juventus gave up another cheap goal against Milan, this time on a corner kick. Manuel Locatelli lost track of Ante Rebic, who brilliantly headed it home. Instead, Wojciech Szczesny publicly took it to Adrien Rabiot, who was more at fault in his opinion.

According to Corriere della Sera, the two started arguing before the goal. As a matter of fact, the Frenchman goofily deflected out of bounds a ball that the goalkeeper was about to corral. After Rebic hit the net, Szczesny pushed Rabiot to the area he was supposed to patrol, near the edge of the six-yard box on the first post. The midfield was in the vicinity, but he let the ball pass.

The publication adds that the spat continued in the locker room. Other Juventus players bickered too. The atmosphere was tense following a tie in a game they appeared to have in hand. Coach Massimiliano Allegri showed up late to the post-game press duties in order to appease the situation.

The gaffer was not particularly serene either. A fan video captured him uttering: “And these guys want to play at Juventus…” when exiting the pitch after the final whistle. He slammed the squad for the attitude in the last 15 minutes. Plus, he stated that he made a mistake on his subs, as he should have inserted more defensive players. The Bianconeri have conceded at least a goal in 18 consecutive Serie A matches. They are already eight points behind the two Milan-based teams in the standings.