Verona Fans Display Revolting Banner Against Napoli

The Curva Sud Hellas Verona, the most extreme wing of the Verona supporters, displayed a shameful banner against Napoli and Naples ahead of their game with the Partenopei on Sunday afternoon.

A banner signed by the Curva Sud was hanged outside the Marc’Antonio Bentegodi Stadium last night. It showed a Russian and an Ukrainian flag along with some geo coordinates that correspond to Naples’ position. It looked like a clear invitation to bomb the Southern Italy city.

It was an “exploit” that deserves no comment, if only because any reference to the tragedy in Ukraine should be better left out of some brainless thugs’ football feuds.

The Curva Sud has a long history of revolting stances and racist attitudes. They have been directing their hate against Naples on multiple occasions. The Verona ultra supporters have been enduring a fierce rivalry with the Napoli ones since the early 1980s but, although their mutual bantering often crossed the line, they had never reached such lowness.

Verona and the good part of their fans deserve better than being represented by these troglodytes.