Atalanta Defender Definitely Cleared of Doping Charges

José Luis Palomino can move on from his doping saga following his final victory in the courtrooms. He had tested positive in July 2022. The Court of Arbitration for Sport ruled in his favor on Tuesday, closing the case. He had returned on the pitch a few months after the preliminary suspension because the Italian Tribunal sentenced that he wasn’t at fault for the infraction, SportMediaset informs.

The Anti-Doping Organization appealed but wasn’t successful. Traces of the metabolite Clostebol, a steroid that comes from testosterone, were found in his samples in a surprise preseason test. He was preventively banned right away as the procedure mandates.

Palomino managed to prove that the cause was an ointment where the substance wasn’t properly indicated. He was found innocent on November 7th, more than three months later. Instead, it took over a year for the Lausanne’s CAS to decide on the matter.

The case of the Atalanta defender, which ended with the best possible outcome, provides a potential timetable as far as Paul Pogba is concerned. His counter-analysis has been postponed to early October because the expert he chose wasn’t available at this time. He was popped for something similar, reportedly because of a supplement he bought in the United States. However, some suggest the danger of testing positive for doping was clear in its label, TuttoSport relays.

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