Bernardeschi Once Again Offers His Services to Juventus

Federico Bernardeschi reignited the chatter concerning his return to Juventus, which had quieted down in the last couple of weeks. He was asked about it by La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I became a man and a top-level player with them and left a piece of my heart there. I’ll always be available if they call. And I still have a home in Turin…”

Bernardeschi will attend Juventus-Inter since Toronto FC’s season is over.

“They can win if they play as they know and don’t go on the pitch thinking they need to prevail at all costs. They must be aware of the strength of their opponents but also have self-respect and shouldn’t change their nature.”

The winger dished on the title race.

“Giuseppe Marotta brought me to Turin, and I’ll be forever grateful to him. It’ll be open until the end. The Bianconeri are a threat without the cups. Inter have an important squad and acquired international experience thanks to the Champions League final. The Old Lady needs to play with lightheartedness, without setting objectives or limits for itself.”

Bernardeschi heaped praise on Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri.

“Everybody gets the credit: the management, the squad, and the boss. He’s very good at managing people and situations, and 3-5-2 is the ideal scheme. They hadn’t been this solid in years. He has always built his championship runs on the traits of his squad. It’s not true he doesn’t like to attack. We played with five attackers one season. He simply adapts to his men.”

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