Calabria Announces Return from Injury, Aims for Title

Davide Calabria has recovered from a thigh strain that cost him several matches and will look to help Milan mount a comeback. The fullback talked about the injury and the title race to Sky (via Quotidiano Nazionale).

“I didn’t expect it to be something so severe, even though there were some early hints. It was a weird issue, and it led to a mix of emotions and uncertainty. It’s a thing of the past at this point. I’ve worked hard and I’m fit now. I’m try to get back into tip-top shape and I’m practicing on my own to rebuild my self-confidence. Things are going well, and I should resume training with the rest of the group shortly.”

Calabria last featured in early October, and Napoli have pulled away in the standings in the meantime.

“We didn’t expect them to be so strong at the beginning of the season. They are having an incredible campaign, but I think it’s still early to take stock. They’ll have some head-to-head clashes in January, and we will have to make up for the points we dropped along the way. We will recuperate key players.”

“I’m confident, winning the title stays our goal, and we believe we can do it. We are a strong team that has already proven capable of being successful. We can take home another Scudetto, but it’ll be harder than the previous one because more teams are vying for it. I expect the future to be bright for Milan in the next few years.”

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