Capacity in Italian Stadiums Will Soon Increase to 75 Percent

More fans will be able to attend matches in Italy as the capacity of the stadiums will improve by 25 percent. The technical-scientific committee has given the green light to raise it to 75 percent. The body has guided the decisions on the COVID-related restrictions during the pandemic. Arenas had been half full at the start of the season. The government will ratify the adjustment in short order.

As it happened in the summer, the matches of the Italian national team have been a significant factor in changing the regulations. The Euro 2020 games in Rome represented the return of the fans on the stands. The opening naturally carried over to Serie A and every division. The increase now comes a few days before the Final Four of the UEFA Nations League that will take place between Milan and Turin. The Italian FA and sports undersecretary Valentina Vezzali were big proponents of the raise.

According to La Repubblica, stadiums should be back to full capacity by the end of the year. The number of new infections has been under control in the past month. The committee also warned teams to distribute supporters better. There have been cases where Curvas were packed and other areas empty to comply with the limit. Instead, all sectors should have the prescribed cap to avoid large crowds. Despite the repeated pleas, clubs will not receive compensation from the cabinet for the lost income. They had been campaigning to have 100 percent attendance.