Ceferin Discusses Euro 2032, Super League and Mourinho

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin weighed in on Italy’s bid to host Euro 2032: “I have talked a lot with Gabriele Gravina in that regard. I think that this is a nation that lives and breathes football. That is not just a diplomatic statement because I witness it every day. The problem is that the level of infrastructures here is pretty terrible. It would be important to funnel more resources to improve in such area. If the government did not intervene, it would be a major issue.” 

The executive did not mince words towards the Super League in an interview with Sky: “First of all, it is over. They can do and say whatever they want at this point. I am sure we are in the right, both legally and morally. The European Court of Justice will rule in our favor. They insist that UEFA have a monopoly, but it is not true. If they wish to, they can play in their own competitions. But it is weird that they want to be part of ours too at the same time. In any case, it is no longer a topic of conversation.”

Ceferin discussed the European Conference League: “We are super satisfied with it. Many did not think it would turn out to be important. Instead, two Champions League caliber sides reached the final. It is a very challenging cup. I am looking forward to the game, although the stadium is a little too small.”

“José Mourinho is an interesting character. We are on good terms. When he won Europa League in 2017, he told me that he was the only coach to be handed a trophy by three different UEFA presidents. I am sure he will give everything he has to make history tonight since it is the first edition.”