Chiellini Supports the Super League and Other Reforms

Giorgio Chiellini is one of the few remaining fans of the Super League, alongside Andrea Agnelli: “We have been discussing it with the president for a few years. Football is moving towards a process of Europeanization to the detriment of national leagues. With all due respect, somebody who is at Juventus wants to play that kind of games.”

Chiellini talked to DAZN: “Athletes that reach this level, but also fans, want to see big-ticket matches. We have reached a point of no return. All the actors must meet to reform the schedule and create new competitions to give an impulse to the sport. It is still the best in the world, but it can be improved. In the United States, where they are experts in this field, they created Super Leagues in every sport.”

The defender believes Serie A is too crowded: “There are too many teams, they should be 18. Paradoxically, we could even go back to 16. But 18 would be the right number to increase the level of the competition and give more room to the fixtures of the continental tournaments.”

Chiellini revealed to be old-fashioned: “If it were up to those like me, we would abolish the VAR, the offside, and reintroduce the backward pass to the goalkeeper. However, the world is moving forward, and we can not block change. I think it is essential to find a group of people that can ameliorate the product. There is no dialog between the parties now. We are going toward an unsustainable situation for us footballers and the clubs. The fans are perceiving that too.”