Codacons Wants Juventus to Be Relegated, Stripped of Titles

The Codacons, an Italian association that defends consumers’ rights, has called for extreme punishment against Juventus for the investigation on their finances: “In order to safeguard thousands of fans, we will ask the Antitrust and the federal prosecutor to relegate the Bianconeri and to revoke the Scudetti won under the shadow of these potentially illicit operations.”

Their note reads: “Juventus are the subject of very severe allegations. The district attorney’s office of Turin officially opened an inquiry that involved their whole management. They are under scrutiny for balance frauds and false invoicing. It is a true Pandora’s box. Several of their deals were considered suspicious by supporters and pundits in recent years.” 

“The detectives are looking into the profits coming from the transfer market. They are also probing the commissions to the agents in the last three seasons. The charges cast a sinister light on the past few campaigns. As we all know, Juventus enjoyed an extended period of dominance, which ended last year.”

President Marco Donzelli stated: “If Juventus gained an unfair advantage over rival clubs with these moves, then the recent seasons were irregular. Consequently, the Federation and the Consob, the authority that monitors the competition and listed companies, would have to intervene and sanction the team. On top of the individual responsibilities, the club needs to be punished too.

Juventus lost 5 percent of their value in the stock’s market exchange due to the matter. The local prosecutors will continue to interrogate their executives in the coming days.