Commisso Torches Juventus Revisiting Vlahovic Deal

Fiorentina president Rocco Commisso never fails to take a shot at Juventus and assessed the Dusan Vlahovic transfer with searing remarks during a seminar at the Florence University (via Ansa).

“It was an excellent deal for us, not for much for them. The premise is that he wanted to go there. We received a lot of criticism concerning Arthur Cabral and Luka Jovic because they hadn’t scored much until recently. However, besides Inter and Napoli, we are on par with the Bianconeri, Milan, and all the other teams in such stat.”

“We spent €15M for Cabral, while Jovic joined on a free. They have netted 20 goals across all competitions combined this year. Instead, Vlahovic has scored just ten times, twice on penalty kicks. In addition, we cashed in €70M from his sale.”

Commisso will attend Saturday’s crunch match with Milan and then return to the United States for a while.

“We’d have to qualify for the Champions League to increase our level, but we have built a great training facility. It will be the biggest and most beautiful in Italy, perhaps even in the world. It’ll be a very important investment and I expect youngsters to flock from all over Europe to join our youth academy, hoping to make it to the first team. We acquired the club for €165/170M and poured nearly €400M into it in the last three years.”

“Our goal is to win a trophy. We are in the running for the Coppa Italia and the European Conference League this season. We can still aim for the seventh position in Serie A. It’s closer compared to the relegation zone.”

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