Denzel Dumfries Hails Inter: “We Play Fantastic Football”

Denzel Dumfries heaped praise on Inter for the recent performances: “We play fantastic football, and we are having a lot of fun. When the club reached out to me, and I realized they were serious, I quickly made up my mind about joining them. They are focused on winning. We are on the right path. I am sure we will continue forging ahead.”

The fullback talked to UEFA’s UCL Weekly Magazine Show about the start of his career: “It was clear for me from the beginning that I would become a professional footballer. I was 100 percent sure of it. Furthermore, I always wanted to be part of the Dutch national team. I knew that I would eventually manage. One day, I contacted the Federation saying that I wanted to play for them and not for Aruba. They thought it was strange since I was at Barndbrecht at the time.”

Dumfries revealed that his Inter teammates scolded him for a food-related mishap: “Two weeks ago, they got mad at me because I added chicken to pasta al pesto. It was an insult for them. I quickly understood that I should never do it again.”

The 26-year-old underlined the importance of his transfer to PSV: “I was confident that I would become an international player if I moved there. Even though we did not win any titles, I improved a lot. It allowed me to debut in Champions League and with the Netherlands. I learned a lot about myself too.”