Di Lorenzo Doesn’t Change His Mind After Conte’s Plea

The agent of Giovanni Di Lorenzo, Mario Giuffredi, convened with Antonio Conte and new Napoli exec Giovanni Di Manna to try mending fences after his client’s request to depart. The atmosphere was cordial. The defender’s issues pre-date the arrival of the duo. However, he didn’t modify his stance, Sky informs.

The coach wishes to keep the captain, but the representative didn’t even want to hear his reasons. In addition, the gaffer doesn’t like that the fullback is angling to transfer to a direct rival, Juventus.

Conte stated that he set the permanences of Di Lorenzo and Khvicha Kvaratskhelia as two of his conditions to take the Napoli job. Yet, the veteran is eager to flee as he feels he has been mistreated in the past campaign.

According to Sportitalia, the parties agreed to a ceasefire while Euro 2024 is ongoing. More conversations and potential further developments will take place after the competition.

Our Take on Napoli and Di Lorenzo

Conte and Manna are cleaning up a mess that probably derives from a pair of sharp remarks by Aurelio De Laurentiis and the jeers by the fans throughout the season, as he was one of the most targeted players. There’s no point in keeping somebody against his will; plus, he’s coming off a subpar campaign, isn’t getting any younger, and isn’t the cleanest fit in the new boss’ schemes. The compromise should be to let him go aboard and not to Juventus. Or perhaps a summit between the defender himself and the gaffer will change the scenario.

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  1. If getting jeered by the fans after the season he just put in is the reason why he wants out, let him go if he’s that childish. And to want to go and already agreed on personal terms with a bitter rival, he wouldn’t be welcomed in Napoli regardless. He will be the new higuain. And adl needs to cut all ties with Mario Giuffredi. See how well he fares considering most of his clients are with Napoli. Enough of these types at Napoli.

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