Dragusin Not Thinking About Juventus Return or Transfer

Radu Dragusin has drawn the attention of the big clubs thanks to his growth in the last couple of seasons. He’ll face his former one, Juventus, on Friday. Genoa bought him out for €5.5M following a loan spell. His agent Florin Manea spoke to Tuttomercatoweb.

“A return to Turin is very difficult because his team values him very highly. Never say never in life, though. The Bianconeri were his first professional team, and he’ll always be fond of them. The Rossoblù are the present. The fans welcome him exceptionally. He’ll do everything he can to repay them.”

Dragusin has been the subject of intense speculation, with Milan, Newcastle, and Tottenham linked to him in particular.

“There have been some contacts, as a few clubs like him. However, there haven’t been official offers yet. He wants to finish the season with Genoa, and then focus on the European championship with his national team. We’ll talk with the management to assess how things evolve.”

Dragusin recently got a new contract till 2027, improving his wages.

“He’s in top form and having a great season. He’ll be very motivated to face Juventus, where he grew up while his idols Leonardo Bonucci and Giorgio Chiellini were in the squad. That time helped him a lot. He’ll always be grateful for what the Old Lady did for him, but only helping Genoa matters now. He’s more confident and experienced, as he didn’t have this consistency beforehand.”

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