Future Derby d’Italia Already Brewing for Monza Star

Juventus will witness Andrea Colpani first-hand as they take on Monza on Friday, and, while he has been linked to a host of teams, they and Inter are the most interested ones. The Nerazzurri held some advantages, but the Old Lady will try to close the gap, TuttoSport informs.

The two clubs are poised for another duel after tussling for Davide Frattesi in the past window. The Serie A leaders have good chances of emerging victorious again. They have a tight relationship with the Brianzoli, where they sent a few players on loan. Moreover, the fantasista is represented by Tullio Tinti, Simone Inzaghi and Alessandro Bastoni’s agent, who has conducted plenty of business with them in the recent past. He has a strong connection with their director Piero Ausilio.

Monza exec Michele Franco stated that Colpani wouldn’t transfer in January, and perhaps not even next summer since he has a long-term contract, but they’d have to parry away multiple offers for that to hold true. The attacking midfielder has a manageable price tag, around €20M.

The Brianzoli had paid €9M to onboard him from Atalanta permanently in 2022 following a two-year loan spell. He has hit the net six times so far.

Our Take on Inter, Juventus, and Colpani

The Bianconeri need him more, but their rivals don’t mind overkilling it in key roles, as they have done with Frattesi. There’s a chance the Old Lady adds somebody with the same skill-set in January already, and they definitely should.

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