Gianluigi Buffon Looking For “Crazy” Proposals, Eyes 2022 World Cup

With yesterday’s win, Gianluigi Buffon took home the sixth Coppa Italia of his career, tying the previous record-man Roberto Mancini. The legendary goalkeeper has already announced that he will leave Juventus at the end of the season but did not seem ready for retirement in the post-game presser.

“The fans, the people, my teammates here at Juventus will always be part of my life, and that will not change even if we will part ways. I have given this world a lot of pride and courage, but all things must come to an end.”

“At 43 years old, I need to make some choices that may seem weird, insane, or unpopular, that that is what allowed me never to have limits and made me dream throughout my career. I am happy only when I can do that. Maybe I will not win anything, but I do not care: I have never chased trophies, I have always wanted to travel and fight, and I want to continue doing that.”

“I may as well retire because I am fulfilled, and I have a beautiful family. But if somebody crazier than me reaches out to me and makes me imagine something grand, maybe I will join him. I am analyzing the proposals and will pick the most stimulating one. I have received one that maybe fits the bill. I think to be still a quality goalkeeper. Signing for Carrarese in Serie C is an option. Life has to be lived to its fullest, and you have to be willing to surprise yourself. I still have the right ambition and presumption to consider myself an important player.”

Buffon did not shut the door of participating at the Qatar World Cup: “We will see in December of 2022. Considering my level of pride, I do not expect, nor I want gifts. If I am still reliable, fine, otherwise I will just stay home. I understand the choices of a coach that has built his group. The real challenge is only with myself.”