“I Didn’t Realize We Won” – Donnarumma Explains His Non-Celebration

Hey guys, what’s the score?

The image of Gianluigi Donnarumma calmly standing up and walking away after saving Bukayo Saka’s decisive penalty in the Euro 2020 Final left the football world puzzled. Man, this boy got some nerve.

The 22-year-old PSG-promised goalkeeper had just just delivered in the hands of his country a European title they had been waiting for since 1968 and all he could do, while his teammates burst into a wild celebration, was shaking a fist with composure. Seriously? Call it the impudence and the arrogance of the youth, one would say.

Well, the story is different apparently. Gianluigi Donnarumma didn’t happen to realize his save had made Italy win the title. As reported in an interview with Skysport24 by Gigio himself, he had somehow lost track of the score:

I didn’t celebrate immediately because I didn’t realize we won. I was already down after Jorginho’s penalty because I thought we had lost. I looked at the referee to check if everything was OK, then I saw my teammates running towards me and I didn’t understand anything more…” That blue wave ready to trample him must have removed any doubt from his mind…

Gianluigi Donnarumma, who was publicly praised by Italian PM Mario Draghi during his celebration speech for the Azzurri at his official residence, was named Player of the Tournament at Euro 2020.

The young phenomenon did not renew his contract with his youth club Milan. Now officially a free agent, he is rumored to be ready to sign a deal with French powerhouse Paris Saint-Germain in the coming days.