Inter CEO Marotta Backs Inzaghi and Onana to Stay Put

Giuseppe Marotta had revealing words about the decisions Inter will have to make at the end of the season during the event Il Foglio Sportivo a San Siro 2023. The exec was quizzed about whether Simone Inzaghi would stay on the bench (via SportMediaset).

“I think so. The evaluation about a coach doesn’t depend on some episodes. You have to look at the big picture, and he was good from such standpoint. He prepared the first EuroDerby very well. The small blemish, which goes for Inter and other top teams, is that they were spectators and not protagonists in Serie A. However, the season has been positive in the other competitions.”

Marotta replied to a question about André Onana potentially leaving, as the goalie is eyed by Chelsea in particular.

“I rule it out. We don’t want to put him for sale, and he’s happy to wear our colors. We haven’t received bids, and he wants to stay. In any case, it’s tough to make future plans now.”

Inter have highly benefited from Bosman additions.

“Along with Piero Ausilio and Dario Baccin, we have pursued and signed low-cost players, such as Edin Dzeko, Matteo Darmian, and Henrikh Mkhitaryan, who proved to measure up with the level of the club. The directors are doing very well with this strategy.”

Marotta dished on the first leg versus Milan.

“We are happy but not euphoric because we haven’t clinched the qualification just yet. The performance was sound, and it bodes well for the return match, but the result can still be overturned. The approach was decisive in my mind. We went up two-nil, and it destabilized a strong team like Milan. The opponents will be very motivated next Tuesday.”

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