Inter Desperate for Ways to Get on Track in Serie A

Inter held two summits on consecutive days after the loss against Monza, the fifth in the past seven Serie A rounds. The Nerazzurri lost ground to Lazio, Roma, and Milan in the Champions League race, even though the Rossoneri were held to a tie by Bologna.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the brass would have already sacked Simone Inzaghi if the schedule wasn’t as crowded and they hadn’t gained the upper hand against Benfica. It could still happen if they wasted their advantage and bowed out in a dispiriting fashion Wednesday.

Inter are seeking methods to entice the players into giving maximum effort in every Serie A contest, as they appear to save energy for the cup ones. Even though they already have the second highest wages bill in the league, which amounts to €132M gross, they are considering handing out a bonus if they finish in the top four.

The front office is particularly concerned with the fact that the boss has lost the ear of the locker room, and the footballers seem to be self-managing. The fact a number of them don’t know where they will be next season might be playing a part in the anarchy.

Our Take on Inter and Inzaghi

They are nearing the point of no return, even though the so-so form of Milan keeps them alive. Not qualifying for the Champions League would be a bigger cataclysm for them than for other sides. Everything is on the table to have a better shot at getting there. However, other than a pair of stubborn choices, their woes have more to do with the poor touch of their strikers than with the coach.

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