Inter Exec Not Sweating Pause in Talks with Lautaro

The negotiation between Inter and Lautaro Martinez has inevitably been affected by the relatively sudden change of ownership from Steven Zhang and Oaktree, which will force the club to revise its strategies. CEO Giuseppe Marotta talked about it to DAZN (via Mediaset).

“When you bargain with a player, the main sticking point is always the salary. The proceedings haven’t been completely halted, but we had to slow down due to the bureaucratic aspects related to the Oaktree takeover. However, the premises are reassuring because the player strongly wants to continue with us.”

Marotta saluted the former president.

“He became very passionate about this club, so I hope he’ll be able to follow us. I have to thank the Zhang family, which contributed to seven trophies through their financial support in the last few years.”

Marotta is optimistic about the future of Inter.

“A new cycle is starting. We’re very serene because the ideas are very clear. The fund wants to plan, provide continuity, and respect the history of this glorious side. They have already acted by entrusting us. I think we could carry on and aim at important results.”

Lautaro Martinez’s agent Alejandro Camano dished on the matter to TVPlay.

“Other teams like him, as natural, but I only speak with Inter and don’t plan to change that. I don’t think fans should know the numbers. Those are between the club and me. The figures that circulated aren’t correct. In any case, he has two years on his contract. The supporters should be tranquil because he loves the team.”

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