Inter Exec Replies to Commisso Tirade, Optimistic about the Season

Inter CEO Alessandro Antonello addressed the pointed remarks by Fiorentina president Rocco Commisso: “I do not want to respond directly to him. I think anybody should try to understand how to manage his own club first before looking at others. We have always abided by the rules. My invitation is for teams to stick together and work in unison for the good of football rather than fuel these pointless controversies.” 

The executive touched on other topics after receiving an award: “We want full capacity as soon as possible. We urge the authorities to increase because we need it, and it would be beneficial on multiple levels.”

Tuttomercatoweb transcribed his statements: “Milan and Inter have always collaborated on the new stadium. Therefore, we share their optimism about rekindling the project as soon as possible after the upcoming local election.”

“Inter got off to a strong start, and we are delighted for that. We must give the coach some time, but he is fitting in well. The work of Giuseppe Marotta and Piero Ausilio on the transfer market is bearing its fruits. The season is long, and we will wait for the final results before passing judgment.”

“We can rely on a good structure, and we built a good character last season; therefore, we were expecting to begin well. We were confident because those traits are part of the squad’s DNA now. Juventus? Everybody will still have the chance to come back. The championship has just commenced, and it is a particular moment.”