Italian Cabinet Asks to Move Euro, Hidden Motives Behind Confirmation?

UEFA and the British government announced that the Euro final and semi-finals would have 75% attendance. Therefore, 65k fans will be present at Wembley Stadium, considerably more than in the group stage. The decision came after Italian PM Mario Draghi and Germany chancellor Angela Merkel called to move the venue over COVID concerns.

Italy Health Undersecretary Pierpaolo Sileri reiterated the request today talking to Radio Cusano Campus. “It is a problem that should be properly addressed. The infections in the United Kingdom continue to increase because of the Delta variant. Therefore, the mobility generated by the Euro matches could impact countries that have a lower rate of fully vaccinated people.”

“It would be better to find a different solution for the final stages. There are still few days to decide and monitor the situation, but it is worrisome. Otherwise, we will have to consider stricter measures for those that decide to attend the games.” Currently, in Italy, there is a five-day quarantine for persons traveling from the United Kingdom. For similar reasons, the Austrian government suggested the supporters not go to London for the Round of 16 of the Euro against Italy.

According to Corriere della Sera, the bond between British PM Boris Johnson and UEFA president Aleksandar Ceferin is extremely tight. The politician reportedly convinced the English clubs to withdraw from the Super League, sinking the project. Therefore, the international federation is reluctant to move the Euro games away from England, as it would be seen as a humiliation.