Italian Football Pundits and Their Insights on Betting and Soccer

Believe it or not, people have been putting wagers on football since the beginning of the 20th century. From that very moment, the industry has been continuously developing everywhere, including Italy.

Football bets have taken a virtual approach over the last few years. Italy’s online sports wagering market is expected to have 2.6 million users by 2027, which means revenue is going to grow significantly. Without a doubt, soccer and wagering are closely linked. Our article will present some insights on betting from Italian football experts.

The Connection Between Wagering and Soccer

The most famous sport has been around for decades, and the modern version and its rules were introduced in the 19th century. But while the game’s history is so rich, the same can be said about soccer wagering. Believe it or not, this activity has existed for quite a while. Initially, betting on football was not legal, so it was done in criminal safe houses or on the streets.

However, things started to change in the early 1900s with well-known bookmaker companies arising. Nevada first legalized gambling in 1931, which caused betting shops to appear all over the state. People could bet on official sites and have more options and resources. Still, to avoid betting fraud from crime families in other states, the Interstate Wire Act of 1961 was implemented. After the law was put in motion, Nevada remained one of the few places to place a sports wager legally.

Nowadays, people can stay connected to matches through online bets. Moreover, the same sites offer various other services in different countries, including casino games. You could bet on a football match as easily as scoring some points in a Canadian live casino precisely because of the simplicity with which users use such services. This made it easier for betting enthusiasts to place wagers on soccer and other games simultaneously, depending on their interests.

What Do Italian Football Pundits Say About Soccer and Betting?

Experts in Italy have much to say regarding matches, but also wagering. Over the years, the country has seen many scandals around bets and match-fixing. One of Italy’s prominent soccer figures, Paolo Rossi, was part of a scandal in 1980. Placing bets lets fans stay more connected to matches. However, it has terrible consequences if actual players get into such practices.

Paolo Rossi was involved in the Totonero scandal. In 1980, Serie A and B matches were tampered with, and he got banned, which affected his career. Gabriele Marcotti is one of the famous Italian football commentators who gives his opinions on the sport in different interviews and sheds light on how many people are affected by such activities.

Replying to a tweet, Marcotti says, “@AusProGambler @IanRidley1 knows what you’ll find. You’ve already had 2 PL players banned for betting on football this season—and the PFA boss. You’re mixing apples and oranges. The evidence in 2006 was based almost entirely on wiretaps...” Besides this, he went on to say that bookmakers are always looking for correctness. “Nobody more than bookies want betting to be transparent, above board + free of conflict of interest,” he tweeted.

In a different series of tweets about betting and football, Gabriele Marcotti mentioned how players are forbidden to wager. “I think you’ll find pro footballers are banned from betting on matches. For obvious reasons,” he said in a tweet. Then, one account mentioned, “Are chairmen banned? Tony Bloom runs one of the biggest syndicates.“

The expert replied, “Pretty sure he’s banned from betting on championships.” The specialist also thinks bookmakers are the ones to suffer due to arranged matches. “Bookies are the first to be damaged by match-fixing. That’s why they monitor betting markets so closely,” he said. Thus, he believes players should not be able to wager on the game.

Final Thoughts

Gabrielle Marcotti is one of the Italian football pundits who see a link between soccer and betting. He knows match-fixing can affect bookmakers, with various team members having gotten in trouble for placing bets in the past. This can affect banned players and teams, which should change their strategies.

Moreover, he knows bookmakers want to remain transparent, giving the best opportunities to their fan bases. But while placing bets on matches has some adverse effects, we should appreciate the benefits.