Italy Not Changing Goalkeeper for Key Ukraine Contest

Luciano Spalletti didn’t beat around the bush and immediately addressed the elephant in the room in the presser before facing Ukraine (via SportMediaset).

“Gianluigi Donnarumma will start. The goalkeeper always pays for everything. In addition, there’s no forgiveness toward him since he was a prodigy who darted through the various steps after being handed his talent. Most had to toil away to get to certain levels, while others are more gifted. It’s tough to comprehend it. Everybody is waiting for an error to slam him.”

“You can make mistakes, if that was even one, but some players are more criticized than others. Then, it’s clear that everybody must respect what they have been given and improve it through their commitment. That’s the only way to make it harder to come under scrutiny. If you don’t work on your talent, it becomes presumption. Instead, if you don’t banalize it, it can generate more respect.”

Other than Donnarumma, Spalletti admitted to having a few lineup doubts and dished on Marco Verratti.

“You are unlucky because I’m speaking before the final practice. I am objectively in trouble, and we even had to send somebody home. I called him, but it didn’t seem to me he refused the call-up. He wants to help us, even though he’ll go far away. Leonardo Bonucci told me the same thing. Everybody was on the same page, even some coaches that wished to collaborate more.”

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