José Mourinho Does Not Hide Lofty Objectives for His Roma Stint

José Mourinho wishes to take Roma to the highest level: “I want to bring titles because that is what a club lives for. They are fuel for the fans too. But I immediately realized that the love for this team goes beyond that. It is an eternal, visceral and almost familiar passion. Victory is what we are chasing after, and we are building a project to work toward that. It would be perfect if it happened with me at the helm. Otherwise, it would be fantastic to have contributed to reaching such goal in the future.”

The gaffer gave an interview to Esquire: “I was not surprised for what I found here. I had worked in Italy for two years and faced Roma a few times. You notice right away that the atmosphere is different. The passion of the fans is incredible.”

Mourinho discussed in what he got better over the years: “I would say in everything. If a coach does not improve, he no longer has the right mentality. It is a job where your age or physical state does not matter. I exclusively focus on the next game. You will have the chance to look at your trophies when you retire. I just think about the future. I feel more like a coach now compared to 10 or 20 years ago.”

The manager discussed the impact of technology in football: “We have a big screen in practice directly connected to a drone. We can work on the tactics by looking at what we have just done on the pitch. That is just an example. It also helps the referees and in the post-game analysis, in the scouring, and in a few other areas. But we must not be obsessed with it as nothing can replace human intelligence.”