Juventus Keen on Arsenal Starlet, Contemplate Swap

Juventus are going after some established names to replenish their midfield, but they are also keeping tabs on Charlie Patino, who’s presently at Swansea on loan from Arsenal. He has posted 3 goals and 4 assists in 18 appearances in the Championship.

Per TuttoSport, the Gunners evaluate him €20M. The Bianconeri could entice the counterparty by offering Moise Kean, who has been serviceable this season before suffering a tibia injury.

The Juventus exec will likely probe Patino in an upcoming trip to London. He has a Spanish passport and wouldn’t come against the quota of extra-EU signings. The Bianconeri would like to create the right mix of starlets and veterans.

Intermediary Michele Fratini talked up the 20-year-old to TVPlay (via BlastingNews).

“He can star in any role in the midfield. He has a lot of quality and many suitors in England. I don’t exaggerate when I say that he can measure up at higher levels, should he find the right team. He’s the best prospect out of the Arsenal’s academy. They are thinking about bringing him back and keeping him in June. He’s on everybody’s radar as he’s one of the top 50 youngsters in the world.”

Our Take on Juventus and Patino

There’s no reason why the Gunners should part ways with him. Still, if Kenan Yildiz becomes a real asset, the Bianconeri could indeed devise a trade involving Kean for other targets, as they would no longer need so many strikers, especially not three pure center-forwards.

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