Juventus Midfielder Fagioli Accused of Illegal Gambling

Nicolò Fagioli has reportedly been under investigation by Turin’s DA office for a few months. He’s suspected of utilizing illegal gambling sites. His name popped up during a local probe. His position is marginal from a criminal standpoint. He could get away with a plea bargain or a fine. Instead, the ramifications could be a lot more severe on the sporting side, La Repubblica informs.

The federal prosecutor has begun looking for potential breaches of the prohibition to bet on football. The accusation isn’t match-fixing.

The inquiry on Fagioli has been going on for a while. He hasn’t been deferred. Lead detective Giuseppe Chinè will have to decide whether there are enough elements for that or file for a dismissal instead.

If players gamble on their sport, the bylaws prescribe a three-year ban at a minimum, plus a €25k fine. It’d have devastating effects on his budding career. It’s still early in the process, though. Juventus are privy to the situation.

In July, gossip czar Fabrizio Corona suggested Fagioli was addicted to gambling, adding that he lost sizeable amounts of money doing so. It’s unclear whether that birthed the investigation. The Federation started examining the allegations on August 30th. According to Sky, the next steps will occur by the end of November.

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