Juventus Reduce Their Losses But Still Bleed Money

Juventus are expected to close the 2022/2023 balance sheet session massively in the red, although their financial situation has improved considerably. The Bianconeri spent very little over the summer to avoid making things worse.

According to Corriere dello Sport, the figures will be officialized next week, but Exor’s biannual financial data already paints an accurate picture. The Old Lady squandered €81M from January on. It had announced a €29.5M deficit for the previous six months.

As a result, Juventus will close with a €111M net loss. It amounted to €239M in the precedent year. Cristiano Giuntoli and co. will have to hunt for profits without the income from the cups. It’s generally at least €80M.

The club is the only business in the red under the Exor umbrella. The holding registered €2B revenue as a whole, mostly thanks to Stellantis. The team represents 1.5 percent of its total investments.

Juventus lost nearly €600M over the past five years. The Elkann family recently brushed off the chatter about a potential sale. They don’t need liquidity, and it’d be exclusively a business decision. The Bianconeri completed a few capital increases over the past decade for a total of €700M. Exor contributed directly with €450M. Another is inevitable since the club’s €164M net assets will be wiped out almost completely.

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