Juventus Won’t Need to Sell Vlahovic or Other Stars

Juventus will take a long-term approach to mend their finances, and participating consistently in the Champions League will play a seminal part in that. They have devised a three-year business plan to cut losses and break even. It doesn’t necessarily include selling their most precious players, for instance, Dusan Vlahovic, La Gazzetta dello Sport informs.

The Old Lady will be in the red for €150/200M this campaign but sees it as a transitional phase. They missed out on €115M by being excluded from the cups due to the ‘fake plusvalenze’ trial. The ownership made up for it with a €200M capital increase.

The documents filed to the CONSOB, the stock exchange authority, to accompany such an instrument suggest that Juventus set aside €48M for the transfer market for the next 12 months. It’s not cut-and-dried since fees are paid in multi-year installments.

Still, after spending barely anything in the last couple of windows, the Bianconeri will have decent cash to use in the summer. The income from sales will go directly into the budget. It’ll be up to the directors to decide what to do. The order won’t come from above. Since it didn’t depend on them, the FIFA Club World Cup’s prize money wasn’t part of the plan.

Conversely, Juventus want the personnel cost to keep decreasing. Therefore, they’ll target primarily players with relatively low wages and high potential. Trimming the deadwood will be paramount to maintaining the payroll in check.

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