Kamada Changes His Mind on Lazio, EPL Team Frontrunner

Lazio seemed to have convinced Daichi Kamada to exercise his option to prolong his contract, but the talks collapsed right before the deadline. The midfielder asked to include a low release clause. Instead, the Biancocelesti wanted to set it at least €20M. They couldn’t come to terms, and he’ll become a free agent, Mattia Moretto informs (via SOSFanta).

Crystal Palace are in pole position to sign him thanks to the connection with Oliver Glasner, under whom he played for multiple years at Eintracht Frankfurt.

Lazio director Angelo Fabiani confirmed the negative turn of events regarding Kamada to the club’s radio.

“The players are at the service of the team and not the other way around. We added him last year because we wanted a player with the same traits as Luis Alberto, who didn’t show up for the retreat. Maurizio Sarri signed off on him, and the entourage set a one-year contract as the main condition. The option to renew it lapsed on May 30th, and they asked to repeat the same deal. There were some pact, but we faced something unexpected and a big discourtesy. I won’t be blackmailed and said I wasn’t interested in this extortion. He can go on his merry way. Agents and footballers must understand that who joins this team must love it and embrace its project.”

Our Take on Lazio and Kamada

That’s a proper kick in the nether region given his recent performances. They’ll have to spend quite a bit just to restock their midfield. The trend of peculiar contracts coming back to haunt teams continues, and Paulo Dybala is a true rarity in that sense.

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