Lazio Ace Says His Relationship with Coach Has Improved

Lazio star Luis Alberto stated to have cleared the air with coach Maurizio Sarri after the two were reportedly at loggerheads for a prolonged stretch (via Calciomercato).

“Our rapport has changed, and we hashed it out for the benefit of both. I did my part and I’m playing more now. It’s also true that I’m in better shape. If the gaffer fields me, that’s because I’m fit. Many lies were spread about me and him in the last two years. It was key for us to discuss. We never quarreled, and he never told me I had to leave. Anytime I don’t feature, the press says that I want to transfer, but I have never said that. I always speak clearly and never hide what I think. The boss and I had a candid conversation, and that was the most important thing for us.”

The Spaniard started the last seven consecutive matches in Serie A, scoring once and assisting twice, while he often came off the bench in the first half of the season.

Luis Alberto, who tried to orchestrate a move to Cadiz in January, had discussed Sarri and his coaching style with Spanish journalist Benni Arroyo on Twitch in early February (via La Gazzetta dello Sport).

“We watch tape almost every day. The videos are long and sometimes you get sleepy. Our habits changed compared to when Simone Inzaghi was in charge. Here in Italy, you are a champion on Thursday and then a slouch on Sunday. Serie A hasn’t evolved like La Liga or Premier League. Italian teams lean a lot on the three-man defense. Napoli, Lazio, Sassuolo, and Fiorentina are the only clubs that have a European style.”

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