Lazio and Inter Target Rules Out Moving in January

Fabio Parisi has been linked to multiple sides but, as Empoli’s president Fabrizio Corsi previously stated, he won’t transfer in January. He talked to Tuttomercatoweb after the Maestrelli award.

“It’s an important prize that pleases me and pushes me to improve even more. We will restart knowing that a new season begins. We prepared well and will try to do the best we can. I’ve always dealt minor physical issues, but I’ve been fit this year and I want to keep playing as I have been doing. Being called up by the national team is my dream. I hope to become a staple.”

“Empoli closed the first half by winning and we aim to keep going. Avoiding relegation remains our goal. We’ll try to achieve it as soon as possible. We have an excellent coach that keeps everybody focused.”

Parisi is in high demand, but he’ll stay put in the next window.

“The rumors don’t affect me. It’s satisfactory to know that big clubs are after me, but I’m fully focused on the Azzurri. We’ll discuss the transfer market in June. This side has always been a hotbed for youngsters, and there’s a lot of work behind it. Important players are breaking out this year too.”

The fullback revealed his idol.

“Lionel Messi. He’s extraordinary. I’m a fan and it was moving to see him win the World Cup. Instead, as far as my role is concerned, I draw inspiration from Roberto Carlos.”

Our Take on Parisi

He won’t switch sides in January, but it’ll be interesting to see whether a team will have the financial strength to sign him early to bring him over in June to beat the competition.

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