Lazio Owner Lotito Exploits Opportunity to Needle Roma

Lazio patron Claudio Lotito rarely misses a chance to take a jab at Roma and did it again after the rivals signed a sponsorship deal with Saudi festival Riyadh Season just as the Italian Capital is competing to host Expo 2030. The chairman dished to La Repubblica.

“My team has always operated to protect the sports values in their entirety and the interests of the city, as it was the first to be etablished here. We will carry out any possible initiative to support the candidacy to organize such an important international event to allow the town, its residents, and the entire country to enjoy the economic and social benefits that would derive from it in the present and the future.”

The local administration would have preferred Roma to wait until after the November vote for their announcement. Mayor Roberto Gualtieri likened the duel to David and Goliath. The Saudis touched base with the Friedkins and put the plan in motion during a recent happening in Villa Borghese.

Lotito is planning to put Expo 2030 on the Lazio jersey in short order. The Biancocelesti currently don’t have a main sponsor, so they’ll just need to come to terms with the City. There’ll be a couple more Champions League fixtures before the decision is made by the 181 voters in Paris. The club president is also a senator for the ruling majority.

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