Mancini Convinced Immobile to Keep Playing with Italy

Ciro Immobile seriously considered quitting the Azzurri after the missed qualification to the World Cup, but Roberto Mancini talked him into continuing contributing to the national team. The Lazio star offered his thoughts to Radio Rai (via Corriere dello Sport).

“It’s true, I wanted to quit, but then I spoke with Mancini and understood that he still needed me. You contemplate a lot of things when you experience big disappointments like that one. However, after regaining some lucidity, the coach persuaded me that I would still be useful.”

“There’s a place for us veterans in the squad to accompany the new course of the youngsters and the renaissance of the Azzurri. As the boss stated, our comeback ahead of the next European Championship and World Cup begins now.”

Mancini was complimentary of Immobile in the presser that opened the preparation for the two final Nations League games (via Tuttomercatoweb).

“The fact that there are so many foreign strikers in Serie A is an anomaly. Unfortunately, the top teams have gone in that direction in recent years. He’s the only one that have had consistent success. I hope the trend isn’t irreversible. We need to find two or three center-forwards that could guarantee the future of the national team. It’s not a small issue.”

The Biancocelesti ace has picked up his scoring after a relatively slow start of the season for his standards. Thanks to the brace against Cremonese, he’s now up to five goals in nine appearances. In addition, he has already provided four assists for his teammates.

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